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Patient Billing and Insurance

A unique and worry free approach to handling patient insurance and billing

Mercy Diagnostics' services are separate from your doctor’s office and are billed independently. We accept all insurances and will file a claim on your behalf.

Your insurance company may send payment directly to you for services provided by Mercy Diagnostics. In such cases you will be expected to forward the payment to Mercy Diagnostics; please use the instructions below for endorsing the check to us. If you have already cashed the check, please send a check or credit card payment information to settle the balance. If you have not received a check and your date of service is over 30 days old, please contact your insurance provider to have a check re-issued to you.

Instructions for endorsing the check to Mercy Diagnostics, Inc:

  • on the back of the check in the signature area write “pay to the order of” on the first line
  • write “Mercy Diagnostics, Inc.” on the second line
  • sign your name on the third line

Mail the check to the following address: Mercy Diagnostics, Inc. Attention: Billing 3109 Poplarwood Ct Suite 302 Raleigh, NC 27604

****Please include a copy of your Explanation of Payment from the payer so we can post the correct information to your account.

Questions? Please call Patient Financial Services at 856-437-5245

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the Billing Department at 856-437-5245 and provide your insurance information or you can mail in a copy of your insurance card with your statement requesting your insurance be billed instead of you.

The check can be endorsed to Mercy Diagnostics in order to save you time. If you prefer to cash it and send a personal check that is acceptable as well. In some cases, the amount paid in the check is all that you will owe. Occasionally, there may be tests pending that will pay at a later date and you will want to provide that check to us as well. Instructions for signing and mailing the check(s) to Mercy Diagnostics are listed in the Billing Summary and will appear on your bill.

Absolutely! Call the Billing Department at 856-437-5245 and we can help you arrange a payment plan that works for you.

Some testing may be considered experimental, genetic, or esoteric in nature and not covered under the Mercy Diagnostics billing paradigm. If denied you may be responsible for paying the bill. You can contact the billing department for pricing at 856-437-5245. You can also go to mercydiagnostics.com and look up tests on our directory to see if they are flagged with the above disclaimer. Those tests indicated could result in denials from your insurance and would be your responsibility.

In those cases where information regarding required deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance payments are available or provided to Mercy, you will be expected to pay that portion of the charges you are responsible for under the terms of your health insurance plan.